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How To Watch TV Anytime, Anywhere!

The joy of sitting down to watch a TV show you love is something pretty much everyone on the planet as in common. There’s such a variety of shows available that whatever your interests you are sure to find something to keep your interest and entertain you.

Whether you want to turn it into a social occasion where you watch with friends or talk about your favourite shows online or in person or prefer a more solitary watching experience TV is something anyone can enjoy however they want. But there is a downside to TV isn’t there? You have to be in front of a television to actually watch it, don’t you?

Well actually no you don’t! Nowadays watching TV has become much more versatile and flexible you can watch TV anytime and anywhere if you have the right tools at your disposal. This has got a little more complicated though because there’s actually a variety of ways to go about watching TV now and knowing which method is best for you isn’t always easy.

Everyone seems to be offering their own online streaming service or app, now don’t they? But which is best and offers the most content? Research is really the only way to find this out so don’t just rush out and subscribe to the first provider you see. But we can help guide you by taking a look at all the great ways you can watch TV anytime no matter where you are!

TV Apps

TV apps are sometimes confused with video on demand apps like Netflix or Amazon Video and while they are similar there are some differences. TV apps like Virgin TV Go for example don’t simply offer programs and movie boxsets they also offer you the ability to watch live television channels as well.

How many channels you get will depend on the provider and what service you opt for. Many providers offer more than one TV app with more expensive options offering extra-benefits. These apps work as you would expect, you simply download them to a tablet or smartphone and you then effectively have a mobile TV you can watch anywhere.

Streaming Services

It seems like everyone these days is using a streaming service of some kind Netflix might be the most popular at the moment but there are plenty of alternatives. Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and many more are all competing and while these streaming services are a great way to watch TV anywhere across a range of different devices they usually only offer boxsets.

This means that you can’t watch TV channels only preselected programs, however with all the choice on offer this usually isn’t seen as a downside to many people. And some streaming services do offer the option to watch TV channels live.

Exclusivity is also a problem as not every streaming service is available around the world, the BBC iPlayer, for example, is a streaming service that allows you to watch past and present BBC shows. However, the BBC iPlayer isn’t available all around the world so if you like BBC programs but don’t live in the UK your chances of being able to use it are slim.

Streaming services work across mobile devices like smartphones and tablets and they are also usually compatible with over devices like games consoles and of course computers. So, although your options will be limited depending on where you live with the right streaming service you can watch a great array of TV no matter where you live.


VPN’s are something we really have to talk about because if you want to watch television anywhere in the world a VPN is going to be your new best friend! So, what is a VPN? A VPN is a virtual private network it is, in essence, a device that changes your computer’s location so if you live in America, for example, you can make it look like your computer is in the UK.

A slightly more complex explanation is that a VPN works by encrypting your device’s internet traffic and then it routes that data through a server of your choosing. Now if you’re wondering what the point of this is I’ll explain, effectively a VPN removes any restrictions on location.

Like we mentioned earlier online streaming services like the BBC iPlayer or the American service Hulu are restricted to certain locations, the UK and the USA respectively. With a VPN you can remove such blocks and then access these services which will give you a much great variety when it comes to watching TV no matter where you are. You can also check out this guide for watching BBC iplayer.

A VPN doesn’t just offer you the chance to access location restricted service either it gives you a way to access country-specific streaming services. For example, it’s widely considered that the American version of Netflix is superior to the UK’s version and with a VPN you can access the American version.

You will still have to pay to use the service (unless it’s a free online service like the BBC iPlayer) but many people will find it a much better bargain and it will certainly give you a better array of options when it comes to watching TV.

Are VPN’s Legal?

Now while VPN’s certainly can work wonders you might be concerned about the legal side of things and that’s certainly understandable. They don’t side like the most legal devices in the world, do they?

However, VPN’s are actually legal in the majority of countries however in the following countries using a VPN is classed as an illegal activity China, Iraq, Turkey, Belarus, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

However, other countries like Russian do have restrictions on VPN’s though and even if VPN’s are legal you must still not use them for illegal activity like fraud or hacking. Now some could argue that using a VPN to stream from a website you’re not normally able to access could be classed as an illegal activity but that is what the majority of VPN users use them for.

Whether you decide to use one or not it can’t be denied that they do give you plenty more options when it comes to watching TV anywhere in the world.

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5 important things every new cryptocurrency buyer should know

The prospect of buying or trading cryptocurrency is exciting.

Although the established currencies are approaching 10 years old, it still feels like an extremely exciting area of finance, a place where the grip of the governments and big financial establishments can’t quite reach.

But you can. You can quickly and simply buy and sell.

That said, if you do decide to trade in cryptocurrency, it’s important that you understand a few fundamentals and arm yourself with the best possible knowledge – so you’re fully informed to tackle this exciting new world of money.

We’ve pooled our collective cryptocurrency advice and recommend you read through, whether you’re just starting out – or you’re a seasoned buyer looking to refresh the basics…

Most crypto is still a work in progress

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and the development of the currency lead to the blockchain technology that underpins many of the more recent products entering the field. Even though Bitcoin is the industry benchmark – it’s still very new, around 9 years old – and as such, you need to understand that you’re going to be dealing with a new concept.

Virtually any product that’s only been on the market a short period of time will see developments, patches and adaptations as it encounters the real world – and Bitcoin is no exception. While Bitcoin has so far proved to be a solid currency (at least from a technical point of view) – that’s not to say that any other, less rigorously tested cryptocurrencies will be the same.

If you want to understand the pros and cons of any product prior to investing, you should either spend a lot of time applying your brain to understanding how it works – or seeking the advice of an expert in the field.

Make sure your wallet is safe and secure

It’s a somewhat patronising comparison to make – but we’re about to make it all the same:

You don’t let strangers go into your real-life wallet unattended – so you should make sure all the measures are in place to make sure they don’t do it with your cryptocurrency wallet.

The reason we make this comparison is because many people don’t take the appropriate steps to secure their Bitcoin wallets, instead, hoping for good luck or trusting in companies they have no relationship with. The right place to begin your security checks is by making sure you’ve read some reviews of the site or product you’re looking at using – like this one covering some Coinbase alternatives.

When you’ve got a feel for the company you’re going to use, you need to choose the appropriate wallet for your plans. For example:

If you’re planning on investing £25,000 and sitting on your investment for some time – seeking a high security ‘cold’ storage wallet is going to be the route to take. Alternatively, if you plan to buy a few quid’s worth of Bitcoin, Ethereum or another crypto – you probably don’t need the hassle and complexity that comes with expensive cold storage devices that make your coin hard to spend again.

Use a wallet that’s designed for your cryptocurrency intention.

Cryptocurrency price is volatile

November 2017 saw Bitcoin’s price pass the $10,000 mark for the first time since its release – and while that’s seriously good news if you bought a few years ago – or even at the beginning of 2017 – it signifies one thing to the financial markets:

Massive volatility.

Bitcoin has crashed prior to now – and some people say it will do so again.

If you’re looking at Bitcoin as an investment – you need to understand that no matter how exciting, it’s still considered to be high risk. If you can’t afford to lose the money you’re looking at putting into your chosen cryptocurrency, don’t invest.

All that said, if you had invested around £80 in Bitcoin in 2011, you’d be sitting on around 350 Bitcoins now – which would be worth around £2.8 million as they cracked that $10,000 level in 2017… High risk can sometimes equal a very high reward.   

Understand the limit of your rights

Now, the fact that Bitcoin and other cryprotcurrencies work on a decentralised ledger means two significant things:

  1. They’re free from the constraints of government or large financial organisations
  2. You don’t receive any of the protection you’d get from government or large financial organisations.

So, you take the rough with the smooth – depending on your stance on the world economic situation!

In very real terms, it does mean that Bitcoin transactions are final – and any undoing of a payment would rely on the vendor sending you the same amount of Bitcoin back – no refunds – and not much chance of getting money back if the person isn’t as they seem. The message is this – be careful who you deal with when Bitcoin or other crypto is your choice of payment.

Most cryptocurrency isn’t anonymous

Most people understand Bitcoin to be anonymous – and media outlets will often tell you that it’s the currency of choice for international drug dealers and those looking to employ the services of assassins and hitmen.

Sorry to pop the exciting bubble – it’s not any of those things.

Cash remains the currency of choice for the criminal underworld – as Bitcoin can fall under the same level of scrutiny as any other financial system, i.e. a warrant or subpoena will mean the trail can be examined very carefully.

In fact, for every small criminal transaction that might take place with Bitcoin, there’s another huge number that the blockchain infrastructure probably thwarts – given that it cannot be corrupted or controlled.

The top and the bottom of the issue is this – if you’re looking for a currency that ensures anonymity (and there are plenty of legitimate reasons why you might) – do a lot of research and consider using services that remove your personal details from the transaction. But remember, our second point was about wallet security – and under no circumstances should you let that slip, not least if you’re trying to work with anyone who promises anything cloak and dagger…

How SEO Can Help Businesses In Scotland

How SEO Can Help Businesses

When looking at marketing options, search engine optimisation can seem confusing, especially if we’re new to the world of SEO. However, the more time you invest, the sooner it all starts to make sense, and this is where businesses soon discover how SEO can help businesses.

There are many benefits associated with SEO, which is why more and more businesses are employing in-house professionals, or outsourcing their work to third-party professionals. Those looking to take advantage of what SEO can expect the following benefits.

Improves the Search Engine Ranking of the Business

While this is an obvious benefit, it’s one that’s worth reinforcing. SEO needs to be carried out in the right way, so any shortcuts or attempts to manipulate the system will often lead to your site becoming penalised. However, using ethical SEO practices ensures that you are offering online users a platform that is informative and trustworthy, meaning that your search engine rank improves as a result. This means more and more online users become familiar with your brand when entering certain keywords into a search engine.

Understand Your Customers’ Needs

The art of SEO means a lot of research needs to be carried out, but it’s not only your search engine ranking that can benefit from SEO. Keyword research means seeking out phrases that are used to search for content online. For example, if a user was to search for an answer to a specific computer problem, and you run a business that offers computer repair, then you could craft content that appeals to appeals to users looking for a solution. In some instances, the process can be more complex, but it does give you an idea of how offering valuable content can help a potential customer, meaning that they’re more likely to make a purchase or use your service.

Cost-Effective Marketing

It’s not unusual for a business to look at several avenues when it comes to marketing their business or brand, but some can be more expensive than others. A fully-developed business may have no issue when it comes to an advertising budget, whereas smaller businesses and start-ups may have a limited budget.

The great thing about SEO is that it can be adapted, depending on your budget, and this is ideal for a business. A new business can start their SEO efforts straight away, and build on the over time. If you have an established website that you’re looking to optimise, then you can have an expert look at it, and determine how much work you need to be carried out. Many SEO professionals understand that no two businesses are ever the same, and will work closely with you to ensure the right methods are being used, while working within your budget.

Long-Lasting Results

How many times have you paid for an advertisement only for it to be ineffective. While adverts in magazines and newspapers have a place in the world of marketing, it’s important that we don’t put all our eggs in one basket.

SEO is not only cost-effective, but it’s also a great way of maintaining a robust online presence. Those who focus their efforts on organic SEO effects are effectively planting a seed from which a multi-branched tree will grow, promoting your existence in several online spaces.

However, to achieve this, it’s important that we’re able to stay on top of any SEO endeavours. If you find you’re struggling when trying to meet the demands that SEO can throw up, then it could be worthwhile speaking to a professional.

SEO Builds Online Credibility

Back when the rules were a little more flexible in relation to SEO, it wasn’t unusual to see a thrown together website that made use of black-hat techniques that would often disappear as soon as it arrived. However, in a bid to make search engines a valuable tool, search engine providers such as Google implemented several changes to their algorithm to ensure that many conditions had to be met to achieve online dominance. This means that website content must be relevant and informative, as well as in receipt of some positive business reviews.

As more reviews are left and more content is share, your online popularity will begin to grow. You can also learn a lot more from your research efforts.

Create More Relevant Advertising

When carrying out SEO, the research doesn’t stop once your strategy in place, as there’s still a lot of information to yield. While you may need to make use of a content management system, the use of analytics can help understand the purchasing habits of different customers, as well as how much time is being spent on your website. Using this information allows a business to create more tailored marketing that looks to persuade those sitting on the fence, as well as creating content that has viewers hooked.

Break into New Markets

Regardless of whether you’re looking to be recognised around the world or just in your local area, there’s no denying how beneficial SEO is when it comes to acquiring new customers. The use of keyword research not only allows for you to search what terms are being searched for, but you can also break this information down into different funnels to determine what terms are being searched for within your chosen demographic.

Although there are free tools available online, to get the best from keyword research, you may need to make a small investment. If you’re using the services of an SEO professional, then keyword research will often be used unless they have been instructed otherwise. However, it can be worthwhile asking for a breakdown of what work will be carried out, so you have an accurate record of what strategies have been implemented.

The more SEO processes develop, the more they can offer. All a business must do is implement a strategy, or used a professional to ensure that the business is getting noticed by the right people online.