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Career Progression Secrets – The Ultimate Guide to Success

Many of us would agree that securing a role that is best suited to our needs can be a job in itself. As such, what starts off as an exciting journey can soon turn into a repetitive and unrewarding trawl. Many of us believe that if we work hard and turn up on time, then obtaining a promotion is simply a waiting game. However, there are time when we must take the bull by the horns and think outside the box when it comes to climbing the career ladder and landing the role we deserve.

The following tips will help you project your worth to a company, and stand out when it comes to obtaining a more influential role.


Ensure You Build Relationships

Ensure You Build Relationships - Career Progression Secrets - The Ultimate Guide to Success

Many of who are employed by a business will undoubtedly build relationships every day. Unfortunately, this will only be with those on the same pay grade. This isn’t to say that such employees are irrelevant, but it’s unlikely that they will be able to progress your career any further. As such, it makes sense to set our sights on those further up the pecking order. How we do this can depend on the company we’re working for, but it often pays dividends to think outside the box.

To be able to build relationships that matter, it’s off the utmost importance that you understand your true value. For example, some companies may have a series of groups and get-together that focus on the different aspects of the company. For some, it may be as simple as brainstorming, whereas other groups may focus on injecting funds and time back into the community.

Making yourself visible within such groups is key to becoming recognised by senior staff, and if you’re able to ascertain what skills you can bring to the table, there’s no reason as to why this can’t be done.

Of course, there are those who may consider such efforts as a sponge on their own time, but every new endeavour takes some sort of investment. For those starting a new business, it can be an investment of capital. For those looking to raise their profile, it can be as simple as the investment of time.

If you ensure that you’re only undertaking roles and positions that showcase just how valuable you are to the business, it shouldn’t be too long before CEOs determine you could be better placed within the business.


Identify Problems and Find a Solution

Identify Problems and Find a Solution - Career Progression Secrets - The Ultimate Guide to Success

While many brands will work hard to offer customers a business they can deal with easily, there were always be an underlying problem that has been gathering dust without a resolution. There can be many reasons as to why the problem hasn’t been resolved in the past, but if you feel you have a solution, be sure to let the owners of the business know.

Some companies will have different ways of taking on board employee feedback, but don’t assume that this will be enough. This isn’t to say that you should be forcing your solution on your boss at every given opportunity, but sending a quick email and asking for a meeting can be a good way of showcasing how pro-active you are.

While the problem you solve may be a small one in comparison to other aspects of the business, it will show your employer that you’re someone that is able to look at problems and offer a resolution in a timely manner.


Learn, Learn, Learn

Learn Learn Learn - Career Progression Secrets - The Ultimate Guide to Success

While you should have some form of knowledge about the company before starting your role, more often than not, there is a lot more to learn. Some companies such as IT Managed Service & Support companies may deal with many different industries, so it certainly does no harm to read up on all aspects of what demographic the company you work for covers.

Finding out more about the company and its client base will ensure that you’re in a better position when it comes to roles of interest, and consider any training you may need to undertake.

You can even enquire about any training programs the company currently offer, and ensure you take full advantage of these. It may not be deemed necessary initially, but the more skills you’re able to acquire, the more room you will have to flourish in the company.


Accept It May Be Time to Move On

Accept It May Be Time to Move On - Career Progression Secrets - The Ultimate Guide to Success

While you can make all the right moves when it comes to getting noticed, there can be times when a company is just not able to see the value and benefit you can bring to a business. Of course, we should be aware that progression can take time, but if you’re getting noticed, it’s likely you will be receiving feedback in relation to the same.

However, if you find that your best efforts are going unnoticed, and you’re not getting any feedback at all, then it may be worth considering a change of role. Many fear doing this as they are quire secure in their current role, as it will be bringing in a regular income. With this in mind, you certainly shouldn’t just quit your role before looking at other options available, but instead search out potential roles in your free time.

Changing roles, especially after spending many years at the same company, can be a little daunting to some, but you must consider your career goals. If you’re fully aware that there is no room for manoeuvre in your current role, then a change of roles could be the best way forward when attempting to reach your career goals.

Finding success in your role can be difficult, and can sometimes feel impossible. However, to be able to reach for your stars you must be in control of where your role is currently taking you. While there are many businesses who are only too happy to help those showing initiative, others may just prefer you in the background, which is why you must believe how valuable you are as an employee. 

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